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About Us

Welcome to Canadian First Multicultural Foundation (CFM)

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Our Objective : No Child, Without Education. It’s a non-profit charitable organization working for humanity. Our Charitable Number : 1886309.

CFM FOUNDATION is a non-profit, nonpolitical, and social & welfare charitable organization of individuals formed to promote humanitarian, religious & social activities.
Our mission is to work for the welfare support and rehabilitation of the indigent, stateless and displaced people.
Our charitable organization CFM FOUNDATION founded in 2005 has been supporting poor people all over the world specifically in Bangladesh during their dire need. So far we have helped orphanages and homeless people of Bangladesh. There was an incident few years ago where a mother sold her son for $100 and it made international news in the media. Our organization helped the mother get her son back and also helped her support herself with funding of $2000.
The fight against poverty goes on in many countries. There is no one I know who can say that they do not feel sympathy towards the poor people all over the world. In this case our organization CFM foundation wants to bring awareness to everyone about the suffering of poor people in Bangladesh during the winter and adverse conditions where they are unable to get clothes or blankets to shelter themselves from these conditions. There are millions of people who live on the streets of Bangladesh including children and elderly. It has become a seasonal struggle for all the homeless people to find proper shelter or proper clothing to keep them warm.
Year of 2012/13/14 CFM foundation helped donate 1000 blankets each year in the capital city of Dhaka and Chittagong to the homeless people so that at least they may keep themselves warm during the winter season.
This year our goal is to provide them with better living condition, education and economic empowerment. Therefore we urge you to open up your hearts towards the poor people of Bangladesh suffering from all types of hardship and problems.

CFM FOUNDATION the following are the areas of focus for education training, self-empowerment, health & sanitation also abused and orphans girls and homeless children. Our vision for working children aged of 5-20 years who cannot go to school as they need to help their parents earn a living.
We provide educational scholarship to students for continuation studies, distribution books, uniforms, shoes etc.
CFM foundation provides financial assistance to the sick,elderly and widows in Bangladesh.Thousands of families have been helped through our Ramadan food distribution and Qurbani meat distribution programs.
During Ramadan time, CFM foundation provides the homeless and orphanage with Iftari food and water.